Dog Attacked By Bear In BC

Local Official Claims Climate Change Sparking Attacks(?)

The Vancouver Province, Bear Hunting Magazine
Mike Poirier tends to his dog, Dixie

COQUITLAM - A black bear in a GVRD park has given Mike Poirier and his dog Dixie claws for thought.

Poirier, his two teenage sons and their seven-year-old English springer spaniel were hiking in Minnekhada Regional Park in northeast Coquitlam on Sunday when they encountered the bear.

"It was horrible and scary," Poirier said yesterday. "Dixie pretty much escaped the jaws of death."

The threesome were only two minutes away from the parking lot when they heard a commotion ahead.

They rounded a corner to see Dixie a bleeding mess after a run-in with the bear.

"Dixie came hobbling out and we wondered if she was done or were we next on the menu for that matter," said Poirier.

The bear slipped away.

Poirier wants to warn other hikers that bears are awake and wandering around looking for food.

As for Dixie, 35 stitches and a $900 vet bill has her on the mend.

GVRD spokesman Bill Morrell said no other bear incidents have been reported.

But marauding bears at this time of year is common.

"We've got a mother and two yearlings right now in the Mosquito Creek area," said Tony Webb of North Shore Black Bear Network.

Webb said bears are hibernating for shorter periods and he believes climate change is a factor.

Webb said people are learning to not leave garbage and other food around for scavenging bears.

In 2006, seven bears were put down in North Vancouver compared to 39 that had to be killed nine years ago, said Webb.

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