2007 Michigan Bear Season Set

Lottery Applications Accepted Until May 15th

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Michigan bear hunters can now apply for licenses for the upcoming season.

Hunters may apply either in person or online for permission to hunt bears in the fall. Applications are available at more than 1,700 license agents in the state and Michigan Department of Natural Resources operation centers. Applications may also be made at the DNR's Web site, Michigan DNR . The application period runs through May 15.

The cost for a bear hunting license application is $4. This nonrefundable fee must be paid at the time of application. Online customers may use credit cards to charge their purchase, and then print their application receipt from their personal computers. There is no application fee for Comprehensive Lifetime license holders.

The 2007 bear season will include the following hunt periods: Sept. 10-Oct. 21, Sept. 15-Oct. 26, and Sept. 25-Oct. 26 in all Upper Peninsula units except Drummond Island; Sept. 10-16 on Drummond Island; and Sept. 21-27 in the northern Lower Peninsula's Baldwin, Gladwin, and Red Oak bear management units. An additional hunt period for bow and arrow only will be held in the Red Oak Unit from Oct. 5-11.

Copies of the 2007 Michigan Bear Hunting Guide are available at all DNR offices, license dealers, and on the DNR Web site. Online customers can also access a Frequently Asked Questions database to receive immediate answers to questions regarding the preference point drawing system, how to apply as a party, or other important details.

Drawing results will be posted on the DNR Web site on June 4, 2007. Notification of the drawing results will be mailed June 4 to all applicants, except those who applied online.

Successful applicants may purchase their bear hunting license and harvest tag at any license agent, DNR Operation Service Center or online. The cost of the license is $15 for residents, $6 for seniors and $150 for nonresidents. There is no license or application fee for Lifetime Comprehensive License Holders; however, they must apply for a license.

New for 2007 hunters may apply for a second hunt period. If leftover bear licenses are available for that unit and the hunter was unsuccessful in his or her first choice, the hunter will be eligible to draw a leftover bear license as a second choice.

A participation license is required for bear hunters who are not issued a harvest tag but wish to participate in a bear hunt using dogs. Hunters may not be issued both a bear hunting license and a participation license in the same year. Participation licenses may be purchased at any license agent for the same fee as a hunting license.

At last week's Natural Resource Commission meeting, bear quotas were approved for 2007. The license quota for the western Upper Peninsula is 4,620, which is identical to last year. The license quota for the eastern UP in 2007 is 5,290, which is also identical to last year. Drummond Island will remain at 25 licenses. In the Lower Peninsula, the 2007 proposed license quota is 1,970 compared to 1,910 in 2006. Quotas were increased in the Baldwin and Gladwin units to take into account the expansion of those units.

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