Last-Minute Spring Bear Hunting Reminders

Bear Hunting Magazine
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If you are going on a spring bear hunt, here are a few tips for your last-minute consideration.

1. If you are traveling to Canada, remember your passport.
2. Many provinces and states require that you bring a big-game hunting license from a previous hunt, or a gun safety certificate.
3. Know the rules for the airline you are flying on pertaining to gun transport and overall weight of your luggage.
4. You may want to have a couple of "tricks" up your sleeve in case weather, the moon, or something else keeps the bears from moving. A predator call like those from Jones Calls (800) 437-0006, a "bear bomb" (866) 850-6653, or another hunting lure may give you the extra edge you need.
5. Be sure to re-check the accuracy of your bow or firearm when arriving. Bore-sighting devices like the Acu-Sight (888) 777-8098 can be helpful.
6. Many provinces like Saskatchewan have a colored clothing requirement. If you are a scent-conscious hunter bring your own colored outer garment. The one the outfitter lends you will likely not be de-scented.
8. If you hunt with blackpowder, you must acquire it in Canada. You cannot bring it across the border in most cases.
9. Any pepper spray brought to Canada must be marked with the words "Bear Deterrent" or it will be considered a dangerous weapon and not be allowed across the border.
10. Convicted felons, people with DWIs or spousal abuse on their record who want to hunt in Canada should have their criminal record "expunged" in advance before attempting to enter. Border agents have the final say on who enters, but some hunters have been turned back because of having a DWI on their record. Contact a Canadian Consulate to have your record expunged for entry into Canada.
11. Handguns, of course, cannot be brought into Canada.
12. Visit the Bear Hunting Magazine "Go Hunting" page and check other pertinent regulations for the state or province you will be hunting in.

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