Monster Grizzly Taken In British Columbia

Gary Gustafson, Bear Hunting Magazine
Tim Tymchuk And His 9'4
The skull's unofficial green score - 25 13/16
A view of the valley where the hunt occurred
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Tim Tymchuk of Williams Lake, British Columbia desired to take a grizzly bear. When he drew a spring 2007 tag, he called his friend--longtime guide and hunter Steven Rupp for advice. Steven was also going to hunt the big bears and invited Tymchuk to come along.

They traveled West on Route 20 to British Columbia's incredibly scenic Pacific Coast. Upon reaching an inlet they embarked in their Zodiac inflatable raft to the Kwatna Bay area. From years of hunting in the region, Rupp knew that the grizzly bears here had exceptional food supplies and genetics. Non-resident hunters are not allowed so hunting pressure remains light. Most importantly, he was intimately familiar with the terrain and already had GPS coordinates saved for the best hunting locales. The hunters turned their raft up the Kwatna River and began looking for bear sign.

After traveling up and down the river in the rain, the pair beached the raft at a bend in the river to sneak up and scout a long stretch on the other side. They immediately saw a massive grizzly. Rupp later said it was among the top 2 grizzlies he'd ever seen in 30 years, and only the third black grizzly that he'd ever seen. With the wind in their favor, they stalked the bear by walking down streams and hiding behind blowdowns. Finally Tymchuk settled in for a shot from about 170 yards. His shot was true and killed the bear nearly instantly. The big, old grizz had 8"+ wide front pads and a hide-square of 9'4", measured off of the animal and unstretched. Although no official skull score is available yet, a Boone and Crockett scorer measured the green skull at 25 13/16" which is very exceptional for the area. The head and hide alone weighed 170 pounds.

Rupp was injured during the hunt and they had to leave the area early. Nevertheless, neither Tim nor Steven will ever forget this hunt!

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