Huge Sask. Bear May Score Over 22 Inches

Gary Gustafson, Bear Hunting Magazine
Greg Hovey with his bear.
500 Lbs. is at 6 O'Clock. Look at the needle position!
The unidentified friend on the right is 6'5" tall.

Greg Hovey took the bear of a lifetime on May 19th, 2007. He was hunting with Brad Choumont's Greenbush Outfitting based out of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. It was the last day of a 6-day hunt, and Greg was hoping to get a real whopper. Brad had his guide Cuyler Mohr drop Greg off at his stand. Some time after Greg settled in and began waiting, the big bruin strutted into the bait. A single shot from Greg's rifle chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum put the bruin down for good.

Brad and Greg measured the bear with the hide on at 8'1" from the outside of the front middle claw to the middle claw on the opposite side. They taped the bear at 6'6" nose to tail. They measured the unstretched hide off of the animal as having a hide-square of 7'8". The bear's neck was 40" in circumference and the maximum girth was 59". The Saskatchewan MNR measure the green skull at 22 5/16". If this is anywhere near accurate, the bear will score very highly in the Boone and Crockett record book.

The Hudson Bay area of Saskatchewan has gained a very good reputation for trophy-sized and color-phase black bears. Last year a hunter guided by Overflow River Outfitters took a spring bear of similar size. The name Hudson Bay has nothing to do with being on Hudson Bay. It derives from a railroad spur that ran from the town to Hudson Bay in Manitoba.

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