Cuddeback's No Flash Trail Cameras

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Park Falls, Wisconsin -- Does the flash from a scouting camera spook bears? The debate may never be settled, but if you don't want to take the chance, the Cuddeback "NO FLASH" is for you.

By day, the Cuddeback NO FLASH's 3.0-megapixel digital camera takes stunning color images. By night, the NO FLASH's 1.3-megapixel infrared camera takes crisp, clear infra-red images with no flash visible to the bear! And, because it's a Cuddeback, it's also amazingly quiet. The bear will never know the scouting camera is there! Other infra-red cameras offer marginal quality infra-red images and use a visible red infra-red flash. Not Cuddeback! The Cuddeback NO FLASH will give you a quality image and the NO FLASH infra-red flash is truly invisible!

The Cuddeback NO FLASH also takes high quality video clips both by day and by night (infra-red). These 10 to 60 second video clips will take your scouting to the next level! The NO FLASH features Cuddeback's famous Instant Trigger Technology, exceptional battery life, and a new compact housing with easier access to the Compact Flash card.

The Cuddeback NO FLASH carries an MSRP of $449.99. Cuddeback also offers their exclusive Bear Safe accessory to protect Cuddeback trail cameras at bear bait stations. To learn more, see your local retailer or visit Cuddeback Digital.

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