Ontario Bear Outfitters See Drop In Bookings

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Despite an alleged overpopulation of black bears in the North this summer, hunting season has taken a downturn since the province cancelled the spring bear hunt, some local outfitters say. The number of bookings in the fall have been so low at Camp JD in the east end of Timmins the last few years, owners Wayne and Anne Martin have seriously pondered not offering outfitting services for bear hunters anymore.

The couple has been bear hunting for decades between them, but they said interest in their services has dropped by more than half.

Anne said a decent turnout in the first week of the summer hunting season, with eight to 10 hunters due to show up, has made them more optimistic.

In following weeks, however, they expect their bookings to drop off to nothing.

"Most of the hunters want to get in on the hunt the first week or second week, when there are more bears," Anne said.

"We've been lucky to get one or two bookings a day so far this week."

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of bear-hunting season in Ontario, but only Americans seem to take advantage of the outfitters in the region.

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