Motorist Kills Bear In Missouri Accident, Bear Hunting Magazine

A woman in southern Missouri was driving a Chevy Blazer as she, her husband and foster son returned home from a fishing trip when a black bear suddenly bolted into the roadway.

"I hollered 'bear,' and that was it," Roberts said. "After I hit it I went back but couldn't find it."

A neighbor, David Miller, happened by and was able to locate the bear.

"David found it, but the bear wasn't dead," Roberts said. "It swiped a paw at him but it died a short time later."

A Missouri Department of Conservation agent said the male bear appeared to be old and had ear tags from Arkansas. Conservation agent Paul Veatch estimated the animal struck by Roberts weighed about 300 pounds.

"Bear numbers are increasing each year and they are moving around more this time of the year because it is their breeding season," Veatch said.

Veatch planned to take the bear to the Conservation Department office in West Plains. Wildlife Damage biologist Scott McWilliams said he will preserve the skull and do DNA testing from hair samples as part of a study of bears.

McWilliams has received two other reports of black bear spottings over the past two weeks, one in Reynolds County, one in Shannon County. The department has estimated the number of black bears in Missouri at around 300.

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