Bears Are On The Move

In Wisconsin, Maryland, Florida, Nebraska & Elsewhere

Wisconsin DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

It's the time of year when black bear mothers kick their yearlings out of the den.

"Usually if there is an encounter with humans, it's because of a food source. It could in some cases be intentional, but in most cases it is unintentional," said DNR Wildlife Supervisor John Dunn.

Dunn says the bears are heading anywhere to find food, including your back yard. "Keep the outside area clean of food that might attract them. That would mean having your grills put away, not leaving dog or cat food out," he said.

The same rules apply to camping as you should keep food in your vehicle.

"Black bear by nature are really a shy and timid animal. They're primarily nocturnal and they tend to try to shy away from people in most cases," said Dunn.

Remember the main rule when encountering a bear: Dunn says if you see a bear, you should keep your distance. Just turn around and walk in the other direction; do not run, because they may chase.

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