CT Man Illegally Kills Bear While Others Are Still On The Move

Bears continue to be sited in populated areas

wtnh.com, Bear Hunting Magazine

As stories across the nation continue daily with bears coming out of the woods into populated areas to find new areas for food many human confrontations are happening.

The most resent involved an 83-year-old Simsbury, CT man who now faces unlawful hunting charges after a shooting a bear that had wandered into his yard. Police say the black bear had been eating bird feed in a garage and was wandering back into the woods when the man shot and killed it.

State environmental officials charged him with unlawful bear hunting and unlawful destruction of a black bear. Police also issued him a $90 ticket for discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building he does not own.

Other stories over the last few weeks include over six having been fatally hit by cars, four being caught, tranquilized and relocated as well as two who were killed by police due to the nature of the situations they were unable to tranquilize the animals where they were.

Sheriff deputies in Wisconsin also believe a black bear attacked and killed an alpaca at a Marathon County property as a deputy found tracks in the area and found black hair on the fence near the alpaca.

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