Black Bear Relocated After Being Found In Fargo

Bear Hunting Magazine

It was an unusual stakeout for Fargo police this last week. Police started getting calls from south Fargo residents about 5:30 a.m., reporting a black bear running through yards.

Officers used squad cars to contain it in a ditch area near Interstate 29. Authorities tranquilezed the bear and he was captured safely. Fargo police say it's the first time they can recall seeing a black bear within the city limits.

From Doug Leier with the ND Game & Fish:
"Unfortunately this happens when it's dark and the bear wonders into an area when they don't know maybe over hill is more suitable habitate for them. This is probably the best scenerio that could've happened."

Officials say the bear was a male, about two years-old. He was released in the Pembina Gorge area in northeastern North Dakota.

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