Three Campgrounds Closed Due To Bears

Soda Butte And Chief Joseph In Gallatin NF & Long Bottom Ford in SC, Bear Hunting Magazine

A bear attack on Thursday, July 17th hurt a person sleeping inside a tent. This attack lead authorities to close two campgrounds near Yellowstone National Park. The camper suffered bite and claw marks on his arms while protecting himself. Authorities said he was taken to West Park Hospital in Cody.

As a precaution, the U.S. Forest Service closed the Soda Butte campground, where the camper was attacked, and the nearby Chief Joseph campground, both in the Gallatin National Forest. The sites are along U.S. 212, a few miles from the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The camper apparently had stored his food properly.

Forest spokeswoman Marna Daley said the bear was believed to be a grizzly. She did not know how many people were evacuated from the campgrounds.

The Forest Service said in a statement that the campgrounds will remain closed "until the bear is located or the immediate concern subsides." The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks will decide how to deal with the bear. In previous cases, problem bears have been relocated to more remote areas.

In another part of the country, a campground in South Carolina (Long Bottom Ford Campground in Oconee County) closed this week due to bear after a camper's tent was ripped open as the bear searched for food. The forest service which says a mother bear and three cubs were also seen at the campground stated that it will remain closed for at least a week while personnel monitors the site.

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