Man Shoots Black Bear In Ohio, Bear Hunting Magazine

A man in Ohio stated he killed a black bear in self defense because the animal charged at him. But, he is still being charged with shooting an endangered animal.

John Tanksley says his dog tried to chase the bear away from his property in Coshocton County, Ohio but the animal kept coming back.
He stated that when they (his girlfriend and himself) tried to get the dog back in the house the bear charged at them.

State wildlife officer Garth Goodyear describes the bear as weighing 165 pounds. If Tanksley is convicted of the misdemeanor offense he could get up to one year behind bars and be fined $1,000. There is no legal bear hunting season in the state of Ohio.

Since 1993, when the DNR began investigating and tracking reported bear sighting, the numbers have almost tripled in the number of bears being seen to over 128 sightings.

Black bears are highly mobile and it is not unusual for these one to two-year-old male "weanlings" newly shunned by their mothers to travel up to 100-200 miles in search of a quiet woods to call home. Most of the bear reports received are believed to be bears having migrated from Pennsylvania and West Virginia, where sizeable bear populations exist. There are about 8,000 black bears in West Virginia and up to 10,000 in Pennsylvania.

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