Two Women Mauled By Grizzlies In Alaska, Bear Hunting Magazine

A Juneau woman walked away after being mauled by a grizzly bear on Admiralty Island. Alaska State Troopers say 53-year-old Mary Hausler was hunting when the bear attacked her in thick berry bushes. The bear advanced on her, and when it was about 10 yards away, she assumed the fetal position.

Troopers say the bear attacked, leaving deep puncture wounds between her ribs and on her left leg. Her companion yelled at the bear, and when it came toward him, he shot at it with his rifle.

Troopers say it is unclear if the bear was hit. It retreated through berry bushes in the opposite direction, and no blood was located. Hausler walked to the skiff on her own, and was taken to a Juneau hospital where she received six stitches to her rib cage and another six to her leg.

In Another Story
A sow grizzly bear accompanied by two cubs mauled a jogger in a park in Anchorage, biting and clawing her, authorities said. The attack occurred around 6 p.m. in Bicentennial Park. In spite of injuries on her torso, arm and neck, she was able to hike out to the nearest road. Rick Sinnott of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said the same bear is believed have confronted people in two recent incidents that ended without an attack. In one, a mountain biker was chased and in the other a bear threatened to bite a cross-country runner from the University of Alaska at Anchorage.

"This is Alaska: big, wild life," said police Sgt. Pablo Paiz. "You have to be careful when you're out here in the woods. There's always a possibility that something's gonna jump out and grab you. You get between a sow and its cubs and a sow's gonna do what a sow's gonna do."

The attack on the jogger occurred near the spot where a cyclist participating in a race was attacked six weeks ago.

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