Grizzly Bear Relocated In Montana

The Examiner, Bear Hunting Magazine

A Montana grizzly bear was relocated for having been caught stealing honey from commercial hives. State bear management specialist Mike Madel says it was surprising that the 4 1/2-year-old bear had wandered as far away as Simms,Montana which is about 20 miles east of the Rocky Mountain Front.

In the fall, black and grizzly bears are constantly searching for food before they den for the winter. Madel figures that's what brought the bear to the Simms area. "The local chokecherry crop is not very good, spotty at best," said Madel. "I'm guessing he was following the chokecherries along the Sun River and found some beehives."

Officials received the first report of a bear raiding a beehive on Sept. 9. A snare was set up on Sept. 22 after more beehives were raided and the bear was caught the next night.

The 575-pound male bear had not been in trouble or captured before. It was fitted with a radio collar and relocated west of Marias Pass on the Flathead National Forest where the huckleberry crop is very good this year.

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