British Columbia Man Mauled By Grizzly

The Star, Bear Hunting Magazine

Walter Thomas, a 57-year-old British Columbia man was in stable condition after being attacked by a grizzly bear on British Columbia's central coast. He was working for a shake and shingle company at Strachan Bay in Mereworth Sound, on the mainland northeast of Vancouver Island, when the attack happened.

Thomas was airlifted out of the area by a company helicopter. The company Thomas worked for knew grizzlies frequented the bush there, but believed they had started their hibernation and were no longer a threat.

It appears the grizzly attacked Thomas partly because it wanted the lunch in the pack he wore on his back. Thomas escaped major injuries to his legs because he was wearing faller's pants, which are strengthened with Kevlar. The bear moved up Thomas's body. He suffered defensive wounds to his right arm, which got the worst of the attack. Thomas was able to fend off the animal and call the helicopter pilot for assistance.

Thomas's hands were badly mauled, so another logger tied him onto a line hanging below the helicopter and he was then lifted out of the bush. A Wildlife Attack Team, made up of conservation officers, had been deployed and but have been unable to track down the bear.

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