Maryland Faces Hunting Closures

U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, Bear Hunting Magazine

Howard County, Maryland supervisors on Wednesday, January 21 will hear a proposal that could effectively close most, if not all, hunting in one of the states major hunting areas.

The Executive of Howard County, Ken Ulman, proposed a new set of overly restrictive regulations that would:

" prohibit hunting on a parcel of land less than 10 acres
" double the minimum distance for shooting near a building in the county, to 300 yards;
" prohibit shooting within 100 yards of any public road in the county
" make it illegal for a hunter to shoot in the direction of a building or a campground should the distance fall within the maximum range of the firearm being used, thus making it almost impossible to use a rifle or shotgun slug under any practical circumstances.
The extreme restrictiveness of the regulations makes it practically impossible for most hunters to lawfully comply.

To block these regulations and prevent similar ones from emerging elsewhere in the state, the U.S. Sportsmens Alliance (USSA) urges all Howard County, Maryland sportsmen to contact the each member of Howard County Council and tell them to NOT SUPPORT these over the top, anti-hunting regulations! The meeting takes place at 7:30pm.

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