PA Man Fined $1,300 For Killing Bear In Den

TribLive, Bear Hunting Magazine

A Somerset County man who killed a 607-pound black bear will pay $1,300 in fines and restitution because it was in a den.

Mark Blough pleaded guilty to illegally killing the bear in Shade Township in November. The bear's weight is in the top 1 percent of those taken each year.

Blough's attorney says he thought the kill was legal, but he pleaded guilty based on a statute that makes it illegal to "disturb, wound or kill a bear in a den."

A game official says Blough shot the bear while it was in a hole it had dug in a brush-covered area. Game laws do not define what a den is but, in general, if a bear renovates a spot before laying down that is considered a den.

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