Hunting Will Continue In Maryland County

US Sportsmen's Alliance, Bear Hunting Magazine

Sportsmen in Maryland united to save hunting in Howard County.

A measure had been introduced before the Howard County Council that would have practically shut down hunting throughout the county. However, the U.S. Sportsmens Alliance and other groups pushed a successful grassroots response that resulted in the removal of the most offensive restrictions.

As reported previously, the Executive of Howard County, Ken Ulman, proposed a set of overly restrictive regulations for hunters. Among the worst was a provision increasing the distance one may hunt near an occupied dwelling from 150 to 300 yards. Another prohibited hunting on parcels of land smaller than 10 acres. If those regulations had been implemented, almost all hunting would have been effectively closed in Howard County.

Fortunately, sportsmen voiced their concerns during a January 21 public hearing and persuaded members of the council to drop the worst provisions. Instead of increased safety zones and prohibitions on where hunting could take place, the final version makes hunters liable for a civil fine of up to $1,000 should they ignore safety rules.

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