2 Arrested In Alabama Bear Killings

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Follow Up To A News Flash Listed On March 13, 2009

Two members of the Bucks Outdoorsman Hunting Club in north Mobile County have been arrested in connection with the killing of three black bears on club property, state officials said.

"The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected," said Kevin Dodd, assistant chief of the enforcement division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Randy Jordan was charged with two counts of killing a black bear and Robert Cardin was charged with one count of killing a black bear, Dodd said. He would not release any other details about how investigators were able to link these two men to the bears or the direction the ongoing investigation is taking.

"They were cooperative with the investigation and were forthcoming with information," Dodd said. "There's a significant portion of the investigation ongoing and we do anticipate more arrests in the future."

Jordan and Cardin were allowed to remain free on $1,000 signature bonds instead of going to jail because they cooperated with investigators, Dodd said.

Penalties for killing a black bear in Alabama can include a fine of up to $5,000, a year in jail and the loss of hunting and fishing licenses for three years.

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