Alberta Group Wants Grizzly Hunt Reinstated

Sun of Winnepeg, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Alberta Fish and Game Association is urging the province to immediately reinstate the grizzly bear hunt. The 19,000-member group says attacks by the iconic bears on a person and on animals in the past year show the government was wrong to impose a temporary suspension of the hunt in 2006.

Association President Quentin Bochar says grizzlies are becoming bolder and the best way to keep the bears wild is to allow them to be hunted again.

Environmental groups say the number of grizzlies in Alberta has dwindled to around 500 and that the bears need more conservation, not more bullets.

An official with Alberta Sustainable Resources Development says the government is still compiling information about grizzly bear numbers.

The department is sending all the bear information for independent review and wont make a decision on the hunt until some time next year.

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