Colorado Man Hurt By Bear In Home

CO Division Of Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

Earlier this week a man was attacked by a large black bear inside his home in Aspen, Colorado. Colorado Division of Wildlife spokesman, Randy Hampton, stated that this is just the latest in a list of encounters with bruin so far this summer in this part of the state.

Mr. Hampton stated that the man had gone to the first floor of his home to check on why his three dogs were barking when the bear struck him in the head. The man did not sustain any life-threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Colorado wildlife officers are searching for the bear and have set up traps. If located, the bear will be euthanized. Wildlife officers around Aspen have killed at least nine bears so far this summer because of their aggressive behavior. Area police have responded to about 200 bear sightings in August, up from 16 last August.

Hampton stated that it has been very frustrating for officers to deal with the increased bear activity and having to euthanize this many bear because trash and food are not being disposed of properly. In addition to trash, an abundance of fruit and crabapple trees in Aspen are also attracting the bears.

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