New Hampshire Harvest Looks Good

New Hampshire Fish and Game Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

New Hampshires bear hunting season closes this coming Tuesday, on November 24th. The season across the majority of the state has ended; however, the White Mountains region remains open to bear hunting through November 24th. As of November 2, a total of 708 bears had been registered by hunters in the state.

Bait hunters harvested 370 bears, still hunters/stalkers took 256 bears and hound hunters had registered 82 bears so far. As of November 2nd the 2009 bear harvest is 48% above the 5-year in-season average of 477 bears. Fish and Game bear biologist Andy Timmins estimates that this years bear harvest will be the second highest in history. The record harvest was set in 2003 with 803 bears having been taken.

Reports indicated that deer hunters have been taking a fair number of bears while deer hunting. Hunters have been encountering bears mostly in oak stands where acorns remain available in some locations.

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