Ontario Man Attacked By Bear

Ontario News, Bear Hunting Magazine

A man is recovering in hospital after he was attacked by a bear on Tuesday. The black bear mauled the 48-year-old man in Severn Township, northwest of Orillia, Ontario.

His injuries are serious but not life-threatening.
"He called me on his cellphone and told me he had been mangled by a bear," the victim's wife stated. "He told me to come and get him and that he had called 911 and that they were looking for him," Louise Beauchamp continued.

The OPP said that the victim was airlifted to Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto with lacerations to his body, right foot, right calf and right forearm.
"He wants me to thank all the rescue people, the police officers that saved his life because he didn't have much time left," Beauchamp said.

Now, police and government officials are searching for the bear. Natural Resources personnel have set up a number of traps in the area. Meanwhile, people in the area are being urged to keep children and pets indoors until the bear is caught, and report bear sightings to police.

Incredibly, this has happened before. "This is not the first time he's been attacked by a bear. Ever since they stopped the spring bear hunt, the bears are everywhere," Beauchamp said.

The Ontario government has no plans to reopen the spring bear hunt. "The last government stopped it. I haven't seen evidence recently that would make me change that position," Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Natural Resources said.

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