Wyoming Grizzly Shot After Killing Man

Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Bear Hunting Magazine

Wyoming Game and Fish Department released a statement saying that authorities shot and killed a grizzly bear that mauled and killed a 70-year-old man near Yellowstone National Park.

Agents tracked the bear via a radio collar and killed it near the site of the attack. The Park County Sheriff's Office had closed part of the Shoshone National Forest while they searched for the large adult male bear, which apparently attacked the man after being captured and tranquilized there by researchers Thursday.

The man was unarmed and fatally wounded, the sheriff's office said. He was in the forest with his wife, a member of a federal team of researchers studying grizzly bears. Members of the team had packed up their equipment and left the area after tranquilizing the bear and putting the radio collar on it, the sheriff's office said. But officials said the man was attacked when he wandered back into the capture area.

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