UPDATE: Bears Captured In Montana Attacks

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

UPDATE 7/31/10:
A sow grizzly bear was euthanized today after tests determined she was responsible for a fatal attack at a Montana campsite, but her cubs may be sent to live in a zoo, a Montana official stated.

A third cub was finally caught in a culvert trap, and likely participated in the deadly mauling of 48-year-old man from Michigan. The capture came a day after its 400-pound mother and her two other cubs were captured by Montana officials.

UPDATE 7/30/10:
Montana FWP officials trapped a female grizzly bear and two yearling cubs that are believed to be responsible for injuring two people and killing a Grand Rapids, Michigan man in separate attacks Wednesday morning at a national forest campground near Cooke City. Officials have reset traps and snares to capture a third yearling cub.

Montana officials are investigating the attacks at Soda Butte Campground in the Gallatin National Forest, on the northeastern border of Yellowstone National Park.

FWP Warden Captain Sam Sheppard said he's confident that the bears responsible for the incidents have been captured. "We set up tents as they were the night before and the bear that returned didn't just sniff the tent, she destroyed it. We're pretty confident we have the right bear," he said.

Bear attacks on separate campsites in Montana left one person dead and two others injured Wednesday, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials.

Ron Aasheim, a spokesman for Montana FWP, stated authorities are still trying to determine what type of bear attacked the campers at the remote Soda Butte campgrounds outside Yellowstone National Park, and whether multiple bears were involved.

No food was found in the tent where a middle-aged man was found dead, according to Aasheim, who said officials are unsure of the reason for the maulings. He identified the injured as a man and woman and reported that the injured man was bitten on the leg and the woman suffered injuries to her arms.

Montana authorities stated that the incident happened between midnight and 2 in the morning on Wednesday. Montana wildlife officials are placing bear traps and conducting aerial surveillance, Aasheim said.

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