Kentucky Season Ends With Two Bears

Kentucky Dept. Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

In Kentucky, a Pike County man became the first hunter in 100 years to kill a black bear in the state during a legal hunt. The 35-year-old man killed the 265-pound black bear last Saturday, December 18th.

Last year marked the first time in 100 years hunters were allowed a bear hunt in Kentucky, but bad weather in eastern Kentucky kept them from making any kills. Fish and Wildlife officials also stated that a 280-pound bear was taken on Sunday, December 19th in Harlan County.

Kentucky also recorded its first-ever bear attack this year in June when a hiker in the Red River Gorge area was mauled by a black bear.

The state set the limit at ten bears for the season and hold the annual hunts in December to focus on male bears, since most sows enter their dens by mid-November.

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