Polar Bear Quota Upped For Iqaluit

Canada News - Nunavut, Bear Hunting Magazine

Iqaluit area hunters will be starting their polar bear hunting season this weekend with a larger than normal hunting quota. The Amarok Hunters & Trappers Organization, which represents hunters in Iqaluit stated that it was given the green light by Nunavut's wildlife management board to hunt up to 41 polar bears (32 males and nine females) in the Davis Strait region for 2011.

This harvest is close to double their regular quota of 23 bears (16 males and seven females). The number of harvested bear is set to protect the polar bear population.

Nunavut's Environment Department officials stated that the Iqaluit hunters have accumulated credits for polar bears they did not get in past years because when they hit the maximum of seven females, they usually stop the harvest and that has protected their total allowable harvest in the following years and led to this excess of credits.

Inuit have long hunted polar bears for their meat and hides. But, despite the new quota, Iqaluit hunters may not get all 41 polar bears since they must still follow the limit on females, at which time the hunting would stop for the year once they hit nine.

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