Family Sues Utah DWR For $2 Million

Utah News, Bear Hunting Magazine

UPDATE May 3, 2011:
A judge ruled that the federal government was largely responsible for a 2007 bear attack that resulted in the death of an 11-year-old boy and awarded his family nearly $2 million in damages.
An attorney stated that the judge determined that the federal government was 65% responsible for the death of boy, and consequently awarded his parents $1.95 million. The Judge also determined that the state government was 25% responsible, and the boy’s family was 10% responsible. The ruling had no bearing on a separate lawsuit against the state government.

A federal judge in Salt Lake City is being asked to award $2 million to the family of an 11-year-old Pleasant Grove boy killed by a bear at an American Fork Canyon campsite in 2007.

The lawyers for Samuel Ives' family argued the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources didn't adequately warn people to stay away after a bear attacked another camper earlier. They say the U.S. Forest Service should have closed the site until the bear was killed.

Government lawyers say warning signs were already posted. State wildlife agents tried to find and kill the bear after the first attack, and cleared the camp area of things that might attract it.

Ives' family arrived later that day. The fatal attack happened that night.

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