AK Adds Brown Bears To Bait-Snare Program

AK Department Of Fish & Game, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Alaska Board of Game voted 4-3 to add brown bears to a controversial snaring program designed to boost the moose population on the other side of Cook Inlet from Anchorage.

The board previously authorized the snaring and baiting of black bears, which are lured with approved bait, then snared by their paws when they reach inside the trap.

"Since bears kill many moose calves each summer this is to be used as an adaptive experiment, a board member stated. “The effectiveness of reducing both bear species through harvest methods to increase moose calf survival has not been demonstrated.”

The Alaska Department Of Fish & Game will closely monitor the bear control efforts, which will be performed by residents. Participants must attend department training to qualify for the program.

In an effort to boost moose populations, wolf-reduction efforts began in 2004. In 2007, the board allowed predator control of black bears in an effort to increase spring and summer moose calf survival.
In 2009, the foot-snaring program on the west side of Cook Inlet killed 81 black bears, according to the department.

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