Men Fined For Illegally Taken Bear

Ontario News, Bear Hunting Magazine

A Canadian outfitter and two hunters from Ohio were fined a total of $6,750 for an illegal bear hunt last fall. The men were apprehended at the International Bridge on October 3, 2010 by conservation officers who were conducting a game and fish check in conjunction with the Canada Border Services Agency.

The first man was fined a total of $2,500 for unlawfully killing more than one black bear, unlawfully possessing illegally killed wildlife and making a false statement to a conservation officer.

The second man was convicted of failing to immediately attach his black bear game seal, abandoning flesh suitable for food, attaching his game seal to a bear killed by another person, possessing an invalid export permit and making a false statement to a conservation officer. His fine totaled $2,750.

The outfitter, from Hornepayne, Ontario was earlier convicted and fined $1,500 for transporting and possessing wildlife that was illegally killed.

In court documents it states that the second Ohio man shot and killed a black bear in the Hornepayne area on September 30, 2010, but failed to immediately attach his game seal to the animal. He then abandoned the animal, which subsequently spoiled.

On October 1, 2010 the first man killed two black bears in the same area, although he was only allowed to harvest one. Then the second man attached his seal to the bear, even though he was not engaged in party hunting at the time.

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