British Columbia's PRNPR Closes Some Trails

BC News, Bear Hunting Magazine

A set of trails in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve (PRNPR) are currently closed until further notice after a bear bluff-charged a woman and her daughter that was with her this week. The affected trails are Lismer Beaches and Trail, the South Beach and Nuu-chah-nulth Trails.

After the initial charge the pair retreated to the top of the rocks on the beach. A second bear then appeared for a brief period. The park staff stated that neither acted in an aggressive fashion after the initial bluff-charge.

Past monitoring of the area indicates that one bear is female and the other a male so the mating season may have played role in this event happening.

As always, the park staff reminds people to stay bear aware as the bears leave their dens and go in search of food and other resources. British Columbians are encouraged to prevent bear-human conflicts by adopting the following practices:

- Keep garbage secured in the house, garage or shed until pick-up day and return the containers to the secure site once they are emptied.

- Use bird feeders only in winter.

- Keep the ground free of seeds and nuts.

- Clean the barbecue grill after each use, and store it in a secure area.

- Bring pet food dishes inside and store the pet food inside.

- Do not add meat products or uncooked food to compost. Turn it regularly and keep it covered.

- If residents spot a bear, they are advised to remain calm, keep away from the bear and bring children and pets indoors, if possible.

- People should never approach a bear and should not run from it, as bears can move very quickly.

- Once a bear has left the area, residents should check their yards to ensure there are no attractants available.

Last year the Ministry's Conservation Officer Service received 23,240 reports of bear sightings between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011. During this time frame, conservation officers attended to 2,827 incidents in which bears were acting aggressively or public safety was an issue (120 of these bears were relocated, while 675 were destroyed.)

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