Canada Post Delivery Back Up Continues

Canada Post, Bear Hunting Magazine

UPDATE 7-6-2011:
Canada Post is facing challenges as it processes mail that accumulated at large volume mailers and foreign postal administrations during the recent work disruption. Since the postal service resumed delivery on June 27th, Canada Post’s mail processing facilities have been operating at or near capacity in an attempt to process the accumulated mail as quickly as possible. Canada Post is indicating it may still be a few weeks before mail volume and service standards return to normal. As a result, delays on Canadian Mail can be expected throughout this month which may make delivery of the July/August 2011 issue of Bear Hunting Magazine take longer than initially expected after the stoppage ended.

UPDATE 6-27-2011:
Canada Post has initiated the process to resume operations following the passage of back-to-work legislation (Bill C-6, An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of postal services). In accordance with the Act, employees will begin to report to work for their regularly scheduled shifts on Monday, June 27th.

Mail will start to be delivered within Canada on Tuesday, June 28th. Post offices that were closed will start to reopen on Tuesday and resume regular operations.

With unprocessed mail in the system and accumulated mail received from other countries that has not yet entered their system, it will take some time to stabilize operations and return to normal delivery standards. Our July/August 2011 issue, which was entered into the system right before the time of the work disruption has been secured for processing and delivery. We assume that delivery will take a few weeks from the time service restarts. Thank you for your patience throughout this service disruption.

UPDATE 6-24-2011
Legislation was introduced this past Monday to end the Canada Post dispute and force Canadian postal employees back to work. Canada Post and the CUPW came to an impasse Wednesday evening and negotiations broke off. They are currently demanding changes to the bill before being passed by the Senate. This is delaying passage of the bill. An all night parliamentary debate took place last night and may continue into the weekend. The Canadian Government has agreed to work through the weekend in order to bring this legislation to a vote. This could reportedly delay the resumption of postal services to next Tuesday or Wednesday. Once more information is available, it will be posted so continue to follow this thread to find out when the July/August 2011 issue that was mailed to Canada subscribers may start to enter the Canada Post system.

UPDATE 6-22-2011
Despite intense negotiations over the past 72 hours, Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have not been able to reach an agreement and talks between the two sides have broken off.

UPPATE 6-20-2011
Canada Post service is still suspended as of today. The Canadian Government is scheduled to make a decision on back-to-work legislation this week. We will continue to monitor the strike situation and once Canada Post announces that they will resume operations, subscribers magazines will begin to be entered into the Canada mail system through our mailer.

UPDATE 6-16-2011
It has been announced that the Canadian government gave notice that it is proceeding with back-to-work legislation to end the Canada Post strike and lockout. The bill that will be introduced would force an end to the contract dispute between Canada Post and its employees. The CUPW and Canada Post still have the ability to reach a deal before legislation is passed. The earliest the bill could be signed into law is next week. Opposition parties have indicated that they will attempt to delay this bill.

We were informed today by Bear Hunting Magazine's mailer that due to the rotating strikes and accelerating decline in volume combined with the inability to deliver mail on a timely and safe basis, the Canada Post has decided to suspend its operations and delivery of all mail across the country. The suspension is effective immediately.

During the suspension, Canada Post will not be delivering any mail or parcels. This includes outbound and inbound international mail starting on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

Our magazine mailer was able to get the July/August 2011 issues that are going out to current Bear Hunting Magazine subscribers to the U.S./Canada Border, but they have been placed on hold there until further notice. Once a resolution is reached within the Canada Post system the magazines will be dispatched in the order it they were received with other mail by the Canada Post system.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience and look forward to a quick return of normal service to our Canadian subscribers.

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