Polar Bear Shot In Manitoba After Confrontation

Manitoba Ministry of Natural Resources, Bear Hunting Magazine

Conservation officers with the Canadian province of Manitoba were forced to fatally shoot a polar bear after it ran after a tourist and charged at an officers truck. Residents of Churchill, located on the edge of Hudson Bay, are use to pole bear sightings this time of year. But not for them to be as aggressive in nature as the one they ran into this week.

Residents saw a tourist at the beach snapping photos just three meters from the bear. The tourist tried to get away, but the bear chased him. Conservation officers arrived a short time later and shot bear-bangers (firecrackers) to try to scare the animal away. Unfortunately, the bear instead ran through the town.

The bear was spotted going through backyards and broke a gate. Officers were eventually forced to shoot the bear after it aggressively charged at their truck and left dents in the hood.

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