Bear Killed After Attack In Colorado

Colorado Division of Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Colorado Division of Wildlife killed a bear believed to be involved in an unprovoked attack that injured a teenage camper in his tent late last week near Leadville. The incident started around three thirty in the morning on Friday when a black bear bit into the teens leg and woke him up.

The teen fought the bear off while other campers where able to scared the bear out of the campsite. Hundreds of campers were in the area last weekend for the Colorado Bowhunters Association annual Jamboree.

"We manage wild bears for a healthy and thriving population," said Dan Prenzlow, Regional Manager for Wildlife with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "But when an individual bear enters a tent and attacks a sleeping person, we manage that animal to protect the public safety."

Responding wildlife officers interviewed the victim at an area hospital where he was treated and released for deep lacerations on his leg. He was later released and is expected to recover but will receive follow up treatment for the injuries.

Wildlife officers inspected the campsite but found nothing in the tent that would explain the bear's actions. The USDA Wildlife Services were called and responded with ten tracking dogs. The dogs were able to catch a scent trail and found a 200-pound, male black bear matching the description of the attacking bear within three quarters of a mile of the original attack. The bear was then killed by the officials.

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