Nevada Bear Killed After Third Run In

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

Near a crowded Lake Tahoe shopping center Sunday afternoon a black bear was captured and subsequently killed by Nevada wildlife officials. The bear, who was estimated at around 350 pounds, was walking through the Raley's Center parking lot off Highway 28 approaching people and subsequently people approached it.

Nevada wildlife officials teamed up with Washoe County Sheriff deputies to tranquilize the bear. This was the third capture of this particular bear, which was first retained by wildlife officials in Incline Village in 2008 and then again in Carson City later that same year.

Nevada law dictates a bear must be killed after three incidents of bear/human interactions. Officials said the incident illustrates the need for people to secure their trash by locking dumpsters and other receptacles. There was an open trash bin at the shopping center the day this event occured.

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