Arizona Woman Dies Four Weeks After Attack

Arizona Game and Fish Department, Bear Hunting Magazine

See Original Story On BHM News Flash page from June 30, 2011

An Arizona woman who was attacked by a bear in the Pinetop area last month has died from her injuries. Reports state that she suffered a brain hemorrhage. The 61 year-old was mauled by the bear when she was walking her dog the night of June 28 in the Pinetop Country Club. The woman's scalp was ripped off either by the bear's claws or teeth.

Experts think the bear was rummaging through garbage looking for food when the attack occurred. This attack marked the seventh bear attack in Arizona since state officials began tracking them in 1990.

An Arizona Game and Fish Department spokesperson said four bears have been relocated from the Pinetop area since the attack and another bear was killed after it broke into a trailer.

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