Two Grizzlies Euthanized In Montana This Week

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

Montana, Fish & Wildlife (FWP) officials stated that state biologists have captured and euthanized a 4-year old male grizzly bear Wednesday night just north of Whitefish, Montana. The 370-pound bear approached residences in the area and had gotten into cat food, broke into a coop and killed chickens. The bruin had been captured last month at Trumbull Creek and relocated near Frozen Lake near the Canadian border, but apparently returned to the Whitefish area four days ago.

The male grizzly is suspected to have also broken into camper shells, smashed a window in a garage, entered into a chicken coop, eaten dog food, cat food and garbage in this same area since its return.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) released a statement that a 10-year-old, 400-pound male grizzly with a history of killing livestock was euthanized last weekend after it was captured after killing cattle southeast of the town of Red Lodge.

Wyoming officials had captured the bear back in 2007 north of the town of Cody after it killed cows in that area. They placed a microchip and lip tattoo in the animal for future identification and then released it. The bear traveled north through the Yellowstone area and into Montana this year. After reports of livestock depredation near Red Lodge, wildlife agents spent about ten days trying to capture the bear. It had killed at least three cows and two calves in Montana. (Other cattle deaths at the ranch could not be confirmed as bear kills.)

Because the bear was a two-time offender, biologists decided to euthanize the animal. The bear appeared to be in average shape for this time of year, although it had one chipped canine tooth and another broken one.

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