UPDATE: Hunter Killed During Hunt In MT

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

The hunter that was killed last week turned out to have been killed by a shot to the chest and not by the bear as first believed. One of the other hunters in the group, trying to get the bear away from the man being assaulted by the bear, shot him. The autopsy determined that the 39-year-old Winnemucca, Nevada man died of a single gunshot to the chest. The autopsy did find bite marks on the mans' leg caused by the bear. No charges are expected against the other hunter. Officials stated that they are fairly convinced it was an accident, but the county attorney would still review the final report once it was done.

Another person has been killed this year in Montana by a grizzly, the latest a hunter who was in a hunting party where someone shot the male grizzly thinking it was a black bear, wounding it.

A 39-year-old who was killed by the wounded grizzly bear yelled to draw the 400-pound male bear toward him in an effort to keep it from attacking his younger hunting partner, the report stated.

Montana officials said the man, from Winnemucca, Nevada, died Friday after his 20-year-old hunting partner wounded what he thought was a black bear and the two men tracked it into thick cover along the Idaho-Montana border where it attacked them Friday morning.

Authorities stated that the 20 year-old used his cellphone to call for help after the attack, but the 39 year-old died from his injuries before help could arrive. A spokesman for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said four agency workers were flown to the remote area by helicopter where the man's body was taken out by helicopter and turned over to authorities in Montana. The bear was taken to the agency’s lab in Bozeman for a necropsy. They estimate the bear’s age between 6 to 8 years-old.

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