Nevada Gets Permanent Bear Season

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

State wildlife commissioners, knowing that hunting is needed to help keep Nevada’s black bear population in check, voted unanimously to make the state's bear hunting season permanent, despite critics who say the animals need federal protection. The vote established the season as Aug. 20 through Dec. 31 every year. The commission will review the season annually and could alter the number of bears that can be taken in a given year.

State wildlife biologists estimated 200 to 300 adult black bears roam in the Carson Range around Lake Tahoe, with more in ranges to the south and east. Commission Chairman Mike McBeath said he agreed with the scientists’ conclusion that Nevada’s bear population is growing at a rate of about 16% annually and can support a limited hunt. “The duty of the wildlife commission is to preserve, protect, manage and restore wildlife populations,” McBeath said. “Hunting is a valuable tool in the management of game animals.”

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