Bear Runs Into PA Home, Hurts Residents

PA Game Commission, Bear Hunting Magazine

A couple who live in Perry County, Pennsylvania are recovering today from a black bear that came into their home and attacked them yesterday morning.

The man had opened the patio door to let their dog in and was knocked to the floor when the black bear rushed after the dog. His wife was also knocked down when she came over to try and help.

Both husband and wife received severe cuts and bites on their bodies and to their heads. The man needed 70 staples and stitches to close the gaping wound on the back of his head and is now recovering at home. The doctor at the hospital stated to the man that his size, at 6' 6" and 300-pounds helped him fight off the bear.

"The bear was likely a female who felt her cubs were threatened by the dog," stated a representative with the Pennsylvania Game Commission. "A bear encountering a dog is more likely to run away."

The game commission has set up a bear trap in couples yard.

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