California Now At 1, 264 Bears Harvest

California Division of Fish & Game, Bear Hunting Magazine

Update 12/21/11:
The online update is now at 1,264 bears taken so far this season in California.

Update 12/13/11:
The most recent online update shows 1,212 bears being taken so far this season.

Update 12/9/11:
California hunters have now harvest 1,147 bears this season. Their site here updates a few times a week. Their toll free number at 1-888-277-6398 seems to be updated more regularly.

Original News Flash 12/7/11:
California hunters have so far tagged 1,102 bears as of December 7th. Pursuant to Section 365(e), Title 14, California Code of Regulations, the general bear hunting season will close on December 25, 2011, or when the DFG receives report of 1,700 bears taken, whichever occurs first.

Last year the season closed with 1,503 bears harvested. This made 2010 the first time since 2006 that the bear season did not close early due to the limit being reached.

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