Black Bear Found In St. Paul Neighborhood

MN DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

The middle of December is not when most people would think you would see bears up and about in Minnesota. That is even more true in the middle of a neighborhood just off of one of the busiest highways in the state. But, over the weekend that is just what happened in a neighborhood on St. Paul's east side.

Officials believe the warmer than usual temperatures in the region, along with there being very little snow on the ground, may have found the bear walking along the Mississippi River and up into residents yards.

St. Paul police responded around 7:30p.m. Saturday night when someone spotted an adult-sized bear near some houses. When officers arrived, the bear climbed a tree near the back of a house. Officers shot the bear in the tree once they determined it was too close to people, pets and busy roads. Animal control officers then took possession of the bear. Bears are not usually moved as the tranquilizing of an animal is difficult and requires the proper equipment and circumstances.

Bear sightings in the Twin Cities metro area are usually in the spring, when natural foods are less plentiful than they are in late summer and fall. In one week this May, more than ten black bears were reported beinng seen in the east metro.

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