Baera Forest

Berneuil Lake Kiamika, Quebec

Phone: (450) 275-0535


Bear Hunts

Baera Forest is the ideal spot to hunt or fish in an exclusive territory and to enjoy the outdoors with your family. It’s a 24 km2 territory in the Laurentians covered with mixed forest and lakes. It’s six cosy and green powered cottages that offer tranquility and privacy. It’s a young family business whose mission is to help us reconnect with nature.

During much of the year, Baera Forest offers lovers of hunting the chance to hunt black bear, moose, Whitetail deer or small game (grouse, hare, woodcock) in their own designated sector, using bow, crossbow, powder gun or rifle.

In autumn and spring alike, hunters may measure their skills against those of the black bear, Baera Forest’s totem animal. Before heading home, visitors may also go for some trout fishing.