Have you ever heard a hunter's horn blown? 85 year old Eldridge Cutchall is a lifelong houndsman from the East Tennessee mountains. Clay joins Tracy (TL) Jones and they go to visit Mr. Eldridge at his home in Green County, Tennessee. Mr. Eldridge talks about bear dogs, his old hunting buddies, and what he's learned as a hound hunter. The emphasis of the podcast is about the lifelong tradition of hunting with hounds, its value, and the old-time hunters that we still have with us.
Black Duck Revival's own Jonathan Wilkins came up to the Ozarks and sat down with Clay at the Bear Hunting Magazine Global Headquarters after going on his first raccoon hunt with Clay. On this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast, Jonathan takes a sportsman pop quiz after their hunt and then they talk about cooking raccoon. Jonathan shares his first perceptions of hound hunting and his recent "revival' outing they had taking people from different parts of the country on their first ever waterfowl hunt in the Arkansas Delta!
Got Bear Grease? Bear Hunting Magazine proudly brings you all you need to know about Bear grease, bear oil, & bear lard as it is all the same. We discuss what we know and have observed about rendering bear fat into usable oil. Bear grease is used in all matter of things like cooking, preserving leather, fuel for burning oil lamps, making soap & candles, oiling guns & knives, and even forecasting the weather. We start at topics in the field like how to harvest it from a bear & how to handle it. For after the hunt, we discuss how to render it, store it, and how a man named Gordon Wimsatt used it to accurately forecast the weather with it. Look for articles regarding bear fat in our magazine and social media platforms!
In this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast we drop in on the national expert on the history and culture of the Ozark Mountains, Dr. Brooks Blevins. He has written thirteen books on the topic so he knows his stuff. We went to Missouri State University to discuss how bear hunters, hillbillies & good ol' boys defined this region of North America. Bear hunters played a big role in the settling of this territory and in the words of Dr. Blevins, bear hunters were the "sports stars of their era." If you're looking for an interesting podcast this one is for you as it is one of the most interesting ones we've ever recorded!
In Shannon County, Missouri Clay meets with Brandon Butler at Driftwood Acres. They talk about an interesting renewable energy initiative being developed by Roeslein Alternative Energy. They talk candidly about the need for hunters to be concerned with environmental issues, Brandon's background with the Conservation Federation of Missouri, & of course the beauty of the Ozarks.
The buzzword of the day in the outdoor world is Public Land. There are different challenges across the country and many of us don't understand them. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Cast & Blash Podcast host, Hal Herring, joins us and gives us a background in our public lands and the current issues and threats. Hal is a great voice for conservation and gives us both a history lesson and some entertaining discussion. Hal is from northern Alabama and has been both an outdoor writer and a published book author.
Lifelong Appalachian bear houndsmen Ira Jones, Roy Clark, & Ronnie Bateman sits down with Clay to discuss breeding bear hounds and how relationships have helped them build their packs. This alliance of Plott men work together to build better dogs than they could have ever built on their own. They also discuss great bear dogs and what it takes to get them.
It's time to talk spring bear hunting! Can you eat spring bear meat? Where do you go? What states have spring seasons? On this podcast we try to jumpstart a rookie to get them started and move them closer to pro level knowledge. We discuss the bear rut, bear denning patterns, and more. Clay is joined by Brent Reaves & Ryan Greb at the Global Headquarters. This group of friends have hunted extensively in the spring and are sharing the knowledge they have gained over the years. Spring bear hunting is the diamond in the rough that many hunters have never experienced. There is still time to plan a spring bear adventure this year.
In part 2 of a great conversation with Roy Clark and the Laurel Mountain Bear Hunters, Roy goes indo detail about his best dogs and the breeding going into them. They talk about how it takes a dedicated group of hunters to acheive the success and consistency they have found. Roy shares some epic bear hunting stories & the Laurel Mountain Bear Hunters tell what Roy means to them and the roll he has played in their lives.
Now 71, Roy Clark from East Tennesse has hunted with hounds his whole life. "My grandpa and daddy, when they started out hunting, I'd get to go with them to the 12-Mile Strip. We didn't have anything but a log truck, campling gear and dogs. We'd walk from there - no radios or nothing. It was tough to find bears that way." From primitive hound hunting all the way to the modern GPS collars, Roy has done it all. Roy is a living legend and you're sure to enjoy this view into the Appalachian Mountain hunting culture with the Laurel Mountain Bear hunters.