Clay, Brent Reaves, and houndsman Strait Sedillo gather for a campfire conversation during a hound hunt in New Mexico for black bear. They talk about how Strait hunts his hounds and what he looks for in a hound. Brent shares a hilarious story passed down from his dad about a hound dog too!
After a successful hunt the road is a great time to reflect! Join Clay and long time friend Chris Roberts as they discuss their hunt and throw in some stories from years of friendship in which one of them may have almost drowned. This is a fun road trip down memory lane. They also talk about the difficulties with judging big whitetails.
Join Clay and legendary outfitter Tom Ainsworth as they discuss big whitetails! Tom has a deep understanding of whitetails that he learned from chasing them on large stretches of land in Manitoba, Canada. Clay also recaps his successful hunt with Tom at Grandview Outfitters!
Join Clay and Kolby as they discuss Clay's recent public land bear hunt on public land in Arkansas. They talk about some of the things that led to success in the 'Sheep Hunt of the South' including tactics and gear. Enjoy!

Oct 30 2019 - Oct 31 2019

EP. 52 | River's Bear [Bonus Video]

The relationships forged with our children in the outdoors is something that lasts a lifetime. Join Clay and his daughter River as they reflect on some of the journey of her upbringing and the challenging two year saga of her harvesting a mature pope and young black bear on a remote piece of property!
In this installment of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast, we sit down with a new friend of ours, Jonathan Wilkins of Black Duck Revival. Jonathan is a transplant into the Arkansas Delta after growing up in an urban environment. He now pursues all things outdoors and shares about his journey along the way as he pursues wild critters in wild places. Enjoy!
This is a type of podcast you haven't heard before! We were recently at the World Championship Squirrel Cook-off in Bentonville, AR! We sat down with the founder of the cookoff, Joe Wilson, and interviewed many of the teams participating in this highly collaborative and competitive event where everyone has a fun time! You will see the deep roots that started this cookoff and why it celebrates small game hunting. Long live the squirrels and squirrel hunters!
On this installment of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast we sit down with Arkansas' large carnivore biologist, Myron Means. We talk about his unique views after a long career focused on the icon of the North American wilderness, BEAR! Put on your graduation cap because this podcast will educate you!

Sep 18 2019

EP. 48 | Elk-pedition

On this installment of the Bear Hunting Magazine, we're talking elk! Clay and his son Bear discuss their first ever DIY Colorado public land elk hunt on mules! It was a fun first and they discuss some of the challenges they faced and how success on this trip didn't center around harvest. You'll enjoy sharing this father/son conversation while they are on their way home back to Arkansas!
Houndsman XP Podcast's own Chris Powell stops by the Bear Hunting Magazine's global headquarters. We talk about his 25+ years serving as a game warden. Chris has a lot of history working with dogs and hounds both in his career as a conservation officer and as a dedicated and passionate houndman. You'll enjoy the conversation that Clay and Chris have in this installment of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast!