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Black Bear Hunting by Lewis/Van Tassell

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Black Bear Hunting - Expert Strategies for Success by Gary Lewis & Lee Van Tassell
Throughout the black bear's North American range, hunters are looking for that extra edge to help take a trophy bear. The authors reveal many tips and secrets in these large 127 hardcover pages. With more than 125 photographs and lots of personal experience stories, this book is your guide to hunting success.
* Understanding Bear - discover when and where bears feed. Learn how bears make use of cover. Find patterns in travel and behavor.
* Planning a Bear Hunt - Scout the best bear habitat in your state or province. Locate the most successful outfitters and plan do-it-yourself hunts out of state.
Hunting Strategies - Learn how to take trophy black bear, whether using bait, hounds or spot-and-stalk techniques. Choose the best gear - optics, rifles, muzzleloaders, bows.
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Book Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine by Don Muggli.
Lewis is a noted author with several outdoor books to his credit, and Tassell has tagged 28 bears during his lifetime. Throughout the book the authors enthusiasm for bear hunting and appreciation for Ursus americanus as a huntable species is readily apparent. This is a large format 8 1/2-inch by 11-inch book of 128-pages. It is superbly illustrated with 146 full-color pictures of a consistent high quality. Each beautifully compliments the text. I like this book! It is written by hunters for hunters. It covers the full gambit of bear hunting experiences and provides a plethora of useful how-to advice. It has 5 chapters: Biology of Ursus Americanus, Planning A Bear Hunt, Hunting Strategies, Gear and After The Shot. The depth of information presented in each chapter clearly shows the authors comprehensive knowledge of the subject covered. The information is both accurate and vividly portrayed. This is a book you will not want to put down once you start reading and I would bet you will re-read it before your next bear hunt. It is loaded with interesting personal anecdotes and first-hand experiences gained through many years of pursuing Mr. Bear. The authors, to their credit, accurately portray the bear as a potentially dangerous animal that deserves your full respect and at the same time they never sensationalize the bear as having a blood lust or as an animal to be feared. I give this book a 4 paws out of 4 paws rating; it is a first rate bear-hunting book. Buy it! You will have more success on future bear hunts after reading this book.