In Hot Pursuit

Hound First Aid - Preparation For The Serious Houndsman

"Hunters who make use of hounds in their pursuit of game will hunt their hounds in every conceivable terrain, weather, and climate. There are hound hunters in the deserts of Egypt, the rain forests of South America, and the vast snowy expanses of northern Alaska and Canada. We hunt on rock, sand, snow, grass, even water. All of these places and terrains offer their own challenges and hazards like frostbite, drowning, heat stroke, broken bones, and lacerations, not to mention injuries they receive from pursuing and clashing with some of the world's most dangerous game."
Join the Author and learn some tips on hound first aid.

Sacred Pursuit

Picking A Pup

"Everybody loves puppies, but not everyone is happy with those puppies by the time they turn a year old. So, I’ll be blunt about the matter. There’s absolutely no fail-proof way of guaranteeing that you’ll get a pup that makes the dog for which you hope. However, there are some things that will put the odds in your favor."
Join the Author and learn about some guidelines to help you pick a pup that will grow into a successful bear hound.
"I think it's safe to say that every hunter has an itch they would love to scratch. In my case, bear hunting was at the top of my list."
Join the Author in his story of hunting an elusive bear known as "Houdini".
Join the Author in part 50 of our Legendary Bear Hounds series and learn about a "mellow" bear hound by the name of Leroy.

In Hot Pursuit

No Foot No Dog

"Have you ever experienced a tire blowout on the highway? As in rubber pieces flying everywhere and erratic driving as you struggle to maintain control of your suddenly unbalanced and bucking vehicle? Well, I have. About the only thing I can imagine would make it worse (apart from a sudden and abrupt stop involving a telephone pole) would be if I then needed to wait for that tire to grow back and heal up before I could use the vehicle again. Sounds terrible, right? Welcome to hunting big game with hounds."
Join the Author and learn the importance of your dog's feet, and how to care for them effectively.