Using trained mules for squirrel hunting is a great tradition in the Ozarks of Arkansas and it's a valuable transportation tool when hunting these rugged mountains. Clay Newcomb of Bear Hunting Magazine goes along with Trae Autry and Michael Lanier to hunt with Treeing Feists on public land. After they kill a few squirrels they fry the squirrels in bear oil (bear grease) after battering them in a buttermilk/flour batter. You'll see Clay shoot off his mule, Izzie, and lots of other cool stuff. This video shows the joys, camaraderie and fun of hunting. Also, the great tasting meat acquired from a game animal that many overlook. Hunting with dogs while on equine animals, be it horses or mules, is a classic way to hunt! You'll enjoy this video about squirrel hunting on mules in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.


Bear Hunting Magazine columnist, Brian Strickland spring bear hunted with Rich and Marla Geres of Eastern Sky Guiding Service in Saskatchewan ( ). Hunting with traditional archery equipment for black bear is a challenge, but is becoming more and more popular amongst bowhunters.


A bear hunt like this is a community affair. From the hounds and trucks to the chase, every­one played a role. There are apparent divisions in the hunting community, and if not healed, could end hunting altogether. Now we’ll share the story like we’ll share the meat, passing it along time and again.


Roy Clark is a life-long Appalachian bear hunter and this video captures the culture, history and tradition of hunting bear with Plott hounds in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Meet First Lite Pro Team Member, Clay Newcomb. Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Clay is an Ozark renaissance man: He’s a writer, filmmaker, mule-skinner, hound trainer, artist, conservationist, trad archer, and the owner and editor of Bear Hunting Magazine. His skills and passions as a hunter are diverse: If it walks, crawls or flies in Arkansas, you can be sure Clay’s hunted it. Most importantly he’s a father, husband and one of the most humble and gracious people on the planet who convincingly argues that balancing responsibilities and passions is the key to success. Our new film “Newcomb,” explores how Clay integrates business, the outdoors, and family so brilliantly in his life.