Eating Bear Medium Rare

Addressing Trichinosis with a Sous Vide

In this article, the author, @brettbenton_, dives into the delicious world of bear meat, arguing that it's unfairly underrated in the culinary scene. Through his own experience and some science, he shows how sous vide cooking can make bear meat both tasteful and safe to eat, challenging old-school ideas about how it should be cooked. With a mix of personal stories and practical tips, he's out to prove that bears deserve a prime spot on our plates and in our hunting traditions.
Grandmother wasted nothing. Grandfather said, “It was the Scotch in her.” My childhood home was six doors from my grandmother’s house. I never had a meal at her home that didn't leave me licking my lips. I remember sitting in her kitchen watching her take the celery leaves from the top of the stalks and chopping the leaves to add to this meatball recipe. The resulting meal is what became known in my own adult house as Granny Burgers.